I have experience with production, recording and mixing. Whether you are looking for a single person to handle your whole project or need someone for a specific role, I have experience working in a wide variety of genres and should be a good fit.

I am comfortable adding my own artistic flare and input as a producer, taking more of a hands-off "documenting a band as they sound" approach, or anywhere in between. Let me know what your needs are and we can go from there.


I have great relationships with some awesome local studios, and also love to record in houses, jam spaces, churches and any where else you can imagine, whether for creative or budgetary reasons. For more information or to book a session, please email me:

Mixing and Editing

If your song/album is already recorded but requires mixing, I specialize in providing mixing  and/or editing as a standalone service. Please contact me at for more information.

Some situations where a project might benefit from an outside mixer:

Artists who have recorded their own album but don't have the experience or technical know-how to get the tracks sounding "finished".

Recording engineers or producers who have spent a long time on a musical project and no longer have an unbiased perspective.

Sometimes it's fun to just have different people work on different steps of a recording, to get more varied perspective and fresh ears on a project.

Some projects I mixed (but didn't record):