About & Testimonials


J Riley Hill, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer and songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Hill jumped into full-time recording, mixing and production work in late 2013, producing and mixing debut albums from Living Hour, Basic Nature and RasTamils. He is known by those who work with him for his patience, flexibility and passion for music and audio . 

Since youth, Hill has always made artwork with whatever he could get his hands on. Graduating from a tiny Casio keyboard and one-track tape-player to guitar and digital recorder in high-school, he then quickly learned to play a handful of other instruments so that he could record everything himself. The last 10 years have seen Hill release a slew of albums under his own name, tour the country a dozen times, and become involved with numerous other projects.

J Riley Hill has found his calling as a helper and facilitator of other people's music. With over ten years of experience in all sorts of musical roles and genres, Hill understands the importance of being aware of people's different eccentricities and comfort levels, and how these relate to the creation of that individual's art. Being a composer and musician himself, he knows how to treat others' work with care and help musicians arrive at the sound they hear in their heads.

contact: jrileyhill.mb@gmail.com


"Riley is an extremely musical person with a gift for mixing. His creative approach and choice overdubs greatly contributed to the polished and cohesive feel of the record. He is great to work with and his mixes stand up to commercial radio standards."

-Chantel Emond, French Press

"Recording with Riley is an amazing and mind opening process. He is extremely creative, innovative, and knows exactly how to get the sound you have in your head."

-Gilad Carroll, Living Hour

"J Riley Hill is by far the most dynamic and versatile producer we’ve ever worked with. He has an amazing ability to turn any setting into a professional studio. He balances our vision with his own vision to bring out the truth and essence of [the] project."

-Jory Strachan, 1971

"One of the greatest benefits of recording with Riley, is Riley himself."

-Lyzie Burt, Basic Nature

"Riley is a great person to work with. His creative and intuitive ideas helped us to get the sound we were looking for, and helped our EP to turn out as we envisioned it. He's easy to get along with, listened to our input, and was open to trying out new ideas, which made the recording experience easy and fun. Highly recommended!"

- Ava and Theresa of Bicycle Face