J Riley Hill - Musician, producer

Hello, this is Riley, a musician and artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I work as a freelance producer and 
recording/mixing engineer for music
and film. I'd love to help with 
anything I can!

Please get in touch at:

Rates depend on the project and amount of work required. Usually around $20-25 an hour. For longer projects, or small budgets we can decide on a flat rate!

I also play in the bands:
Mulligrub and RasTamils
and make electronic music as:
The Emu


Living Hour-Valentines EP: merp
Warming-LP: merp
RasTamils-Mandy: erp
Domus(film): me
1971-EP: mr
NOTME-mask: merp
A La Mode(music video): me
Living Hour(live video): m

merp = mixing,editing,recording,production
Full credits 2014-2018